Mizner Falls

Buyer's FAQ

Q. Are Satellite Dishes permitted?
A. Yes, in appropriate location with ACB approval.
Q. Is there a specific type of fence that can be installed in this community?
A. Fence allowed around pool only, must get approval from ACB.
Q. Are hurricane shutters permitted in the Community?
A. Yes, may be installed with ACB approval. County permit required.
Q. Is there a sales & leasing application requirement?
A. Yes. Application for each.
Q. If yes, is there a fee and what is the fee (sales & leasing)?
A. $150 fee for sales application; $150 fee for lease application.
Q. What are the lease restrictions (sales & leasing)?
A. Cannot be leased more than once in a 12 month period. Minimum of 3 Months. Pet Restrictions apply. 
Q. How do I obtain the Association's documents?
A. $50 fee obtained from Mizner Falls office. Can print off of Palm Beach County website, can be e-mailed to realtor.
Q. Are there move in / out restrictions; dates, time, size of delivery van, access to community if secured?
A. Trucks have 11 ft clearance. Moving Hours: 8am - 6pm Monday-Saturday. No Move-In or Move-out allowed on holidays and Sundays. 
Q. Are there any truck or commercial vehicle restrictions (parking) ? If yes, what are they?
A. Trucks and commercial vehicles allowed from 8am-6pm Mon-Sat only . Must park on the correct side of the street. 
Q. Who is the Registered Agent for the Association?
A. Brough, Chadrow & Levine.
Q. Who was the developer and what year was the community built?
A. Puder-Seigel 2002.
Q. Are there restrictions for contractors working outside our homes?
A. The hours for private landscapers and contractors working outside the homes are 8:00 am to 6:00 pm Monday to Saturdays. None on Sundays. No work outside (if noisy), may be done on holidays.